Online workshop of Sr.DAO/DAO-I & II from 27/10/2020 to 29/10/2020 and 18/11/2020 to 20/11/2020.
Regarding furnishing of Works Accounts Digitally to Office of Pr. Accountant General Office
Reconciliation of Receipts and Expenditures head of works departments for the year 2019-20.
Regarding online workshop of DAO,s/DA,s conducted by RTI Nagpur from 29/09/2020 to 20/11/2020
Office Order of training of Probationary DA
Regarding action under CCS Conduct Rules 1964.
Regarding online registration of supplementary SAS/I/CPD exam of Main Exam 2019
Regarding supplementary exam of SAS/I/CPD main examination 2019
Regarding pending APARs of DA cadre officials
Circular Regarding SAS/Incentive Exam. 2020
Regarding proforma for reconciliation of Receipt Head.
Office Order regarding classification of Sr.DAO's post.
Regarding extension of timeline for submission of APAR's of DA cadre officials
Order regarding Prohibition of Green and Red Ink for correspondence by Divisional Accountant
Regarding relieving of DA's
Regarding pending Form-51
Regarding Annual Transfer of DAs Cadre for the year 2020
Regarding joining of Probationary Divisional Accountant.
Regarding Annual Transfer-2020
Regarding Annual Transfer 2020
Regarding Pending Form-51
Regarding publication of half yearly official Hindi magazine DARPAN
Regarding Immovable property
Regarding work in Hindi
Regarding relieving of DAs cadre for main SAS/I/CPD Exam. 2019.
Cancellation of DD Power D-1762-63
Regarding completion of SAS/I/CPD-I training for the Exam 2019.
Promotion Order
Order regarding Non Functional Upgradation of DAOs-I
Regarding online registration for SAS/I/CPD-I Exam.2019
Regarding Training for SAS/Incentive examination 2019.
Regarding Direction for SAS/I/CPD-I & II main examination 2019
Directions for SAS/I/CPD1 & 2 Main Examination 2019
Regarding Index number of DAGE September 2019
Office Order Regarding Work in Hindi
Cancellation of DD Power
Regarding Pension Adalat to be held on 23-08-2019
Examination of DAOs-2019
Revised feed back form for DA/DAOs
Regarding pending APARs of DA/DAOs for the year  2018-19
Office Order regarding Training of all DAOs for IFMIS Training
Regarding Relieving of Sr DAOs and DAOs from their present division as per Transfer Order Dated 06-06-2019
Regarding relieving of Sr.DAO/DAO from the present Division.
Transfer Orders of Sr. DAO/DA
Information for hindi knowledge of DAOs
Regarding Performance Indicator for 2018-19.
Circular regarding Registration for Supplementary SAS/CPD Exam.
Regarding correspondence of Government and DO letter in correct format
Regarding preparation of Data base of Hindi knowledge of DAs.
Circular regarding joining after Transfer.
Regarding Additional Charges of DAO-I & DAO-II
Instructions for DAs_DAOs regarding Monthly Accounts
Order regarding submission of Monthly Accounts generated through IFMIS to Office of PAG
Office order regarding additional/supervisory charge of divisions
Regarding Lifting of Probation Period of Divisional Accountants
Gazette Notification CCS Leave Rules Fourth Amendment Rules 2018.
Additional Charge to Shri B.C.Singh Sr. DAO
Promotion Order of Shri R M Khaparde DA-I
Notification regarding preparatory training for SAS Candidates
Regarding additional charge of division to Sr.DAOs
Regarding Pending Form-51
Regarding training for candidates appearing for first time in SAS and incentive exams
Index Numbers of SAS DA Exam Sept-2018
Wanting Annual Property Return for the year 2018
Transfer order of Sr.DAOs / DAOs Grade-I
Admissibility of air fare for kids below 5 years-regarding
List of Vaccant Divisions for considering Addl. Charges
Information Regarding SAS Audit Exam
List of Heavy Divisions for considering additional charges
Regarding Annual Audit Plan 2018-19
Examination Notification for Divisional Accountants
Transfer Orders of Divisional Accountants-2018
Result of DAGE March 2018
Revision of Pension (DA Cadre)
Instructions for candidates appearing for SAS Exam Sept-2018 for first time.
Regarding Audit Plan 2018-19
CAG's orders -criteria for appearing in SAS-2018 (Main)
Report on Immovable Property
Promotion Order of DAO
Circular Regarding Property Return
Event Report of DAs for the October 17
Event Report of DAs for Sept-2017
Additional Charges for DAs
Date Sheet of SAS/CPD exam Oct-2017
Event Report of Divisional Accountants
Roll Numbers of Candidates appearing in DA Grade Examination September-2017
Circular regarding SAS CPD Exam 2017
Mentioning Full Office Address while correspondence by DA
Incentive Exam for Sr. DAOs 2017
APAR 2016-17 of DAOs
Circular regarding Immovable Property
Circular Regarding Leave
Result of DAGE held in March 2017
SAS Pre. Exam for enrolment for SAS main exam-17 for DA cadre
Pending Form-51
Promotion Orders of DAs
DAG Exam march 2017 Roll Numbers
Direction for SAS Supplymntry I CPD-I Exam Mar-17
Regarding Pending Form-51
Pay Fixation Order No.316
Immovable Property Report Order
Pay Fixation Order No.299
Pay Fixation Order No. 247
Event Report of Probationary DA for Oct-16
Pay Fixation Order No. 211
Gradation List of DA Cadre as on 01-03-2016
Pay Fixation Order No. 194
Event Report
Result of Div. Accountant Grade Examination September-16
108. Pay Fixation Order No. 184
106. Pay Fixation Order No.174
Pay Fixation Order No.172
Regarding Relieving of SAS/CPD Candidates
Pay Fixation Order No.158
Exam Aug-2016
Pay Fixation Order No.162_b
Pay Fixation Order No.161
Pay Fixation Order No.152
Pay Fixation Order No. 150
List of Vacant Divisions as on 29-08-2016
Pay Fixation Order No.147
Pay Fixation Order No. 136
Pay_Fixation_Office Order_No._133
DA Fixation for DAO
Training Schedule for newly appointed Probationary Divisional Accountants
76. Time Table for DAO Exam Sept-2016.
Pending APAR 2015-16 list of DAs
Annual Transfer-2016
Promotion order DAO-II
Lifting of Probation Period for DAs
List of Confirmation of DAs
Result of DAGE September- 2015
Additional Charge Order of DAs
Seniority of Probationary DAs
List of DAs _probation period
Result of DAGE April 2015
Transfer Order 2015
Order for Extension of Probation Period of DAs
Promotion order_DAO-I Dt. 1-04-15
Additional Charge Sohanlal Meena DAO I
Promotion order 201 5-3-15 DAO-II to DAO-I
DD Power CPA Dn 1 BPL
Divisional Accountant's Examination March-2015
Promotion Order Dated:02-02-2015
Event Report of DAs dated 22-01-2015

Office Order Regarding Monthly Account.

Order Regarding Annual Transfer-2013

Office Order dated 16-12-2011 Regarding Furnishing of Immovable Property Returns.

List of Das/DAOs who have not furnished the Immovable Property Returns.

Order Regarding Additional Charge:01-02-2012.

Office Order Regarding Posting of Probationary Das: 17-01-2012.

Office Order Regarding Posting of Probationary DA: 22-02-2012.

Order Regarding Lifting of Probation of DAs:07-07-2012.

Circular Regarding Furnishing Service Book.

Order Regarding Promotion of Shri D.K. Sood.

Office Order  Regarding Completion of Probation Period 30-10-2012.

Gradation List of Divisional Accountant Cadre Officials as on 01-03-2012.

Order Regarding Sanctioning of Leave to Divisional Accountant Cadre.

Headquarters’ Instructions regarding Transfer and Posting of DAOs/DAs.

Circular Regarding Immovable Property Return 2011 in respect of dependents APAR 2011-12.

From MP Finance Department regarding Probationary Divisional Accountant’s Salary.

Order regarding Annual Transfer-2012.

Order regarding posting of Shri Manish Trivedi, DAO-I:      14-06-2012.