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1.Name of the Organization

Office of the Accountant General (General &Social Sector Audit) Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior

2.Function and duties

Functions of departments
Organizational Chart


3.Chart of decesion making process

Clerks->Auditors->Senior Auditors. (Initial scrutiny and submission).
Section Officers->Assistant Audit Officers. ( Ist level supervision).
Senior Audit Officers / Audit Officers. (IInd level supervision).
Sr. Dy. Accountant General/Dy. Accountant General (IIIrd level supervision).
Accountant General (Final approval).

4.Norms Auditing Standards is available at http://www.cag.gov.in/html/auditing_standards.htm


The following Rules, Regulations Instructions, Manuals and Records are used by officers & employees of this office for discharging their duties.

i. Comptroller and Auditor General’s Manual of Standing Orders (Administration) Vol. I
ii. Comptroller and Auditor General’s Manual of Standing Orders (Administration) Vol. II
iii. Comptroller and Auditor General’s Manual of Standing Orders (Administration) Vol. III
iv. Introduction to Indian Govt. Accounts and Audit
v. Comptroller and Auditor General’s Manual of Standing Orders (Audit).
vi. Comptroller and Auditor General’s (Duties, Powers & Conditions of Service) Act, 1971
vii. Manual of Instructions for Audit
viii. Compendium of Amendments/Instructions to the Manual of instructions for Audit of Autonomous Bodies
ix. Memorandum of Instructions (SMI)
x. Manual of Commercial Audit Procedure Part-I
xi. Auditing Standards
xii. Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules Part I to V
xiii. Central Civil Service (Pension) Rules, 1972
xiv. Central Civil Service (Medical Attendance) Rules 1944
xv. Central Civil Service (Conduct) Rules 1955
xvi. Central Civil Service (Conduct, Classification & Appeal) Rules 1964 .
xvii. Manual of Office Procedures
xviii. General Financial Rules

6.Documents Held 

Documents held by the department are different sanctions and records received from State / Central Government and their Subordinate Offices, received as part of audit functions.

7.Consultative Arrangements

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List of Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted in the O/o the Principal Accountant General

Complaints Committee regarding Sexual Harassment– To redress the complaints, if any, about sexual harassment of ladies staff working in the office.
Performance Audit Core Group – For creation of database, identifying areas of improvements in strategic audit planning and implementation of Performance Audit, etc.

However, participation in the proceedings or minutes of the meeting are not open
to the public.

9.Directory >

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10.Pay Scales

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13.Concessions, Permits, Authorizations

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14.Electronic information

Almost all the information available in electronic form and can be requested .


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Sr Deputy Accountant General (Admn.) 

ofTransfer Boards

18. Tenders Notice inviting quotations for AMC of Computer Hardware
  Notice inviting quotations for Vehicle Stand Notice inviting quotations for Canteen